2016 Goals and Plans

In my last post I reviewed my progress and struggles from 2015. Today, I want to turn the focus completely around to planning for the new year.

New Goals


Although I did not hit my writing goal of 1 blog post a week in 2015, I am not going to keep that goal the same. I am in fact increasing it to 2 blog posts a week with a 3rd blog post added to a buffer.

I am sort of borrowing this from some financial advice I read in a book called “The Richest Man in Babylon” and from advice given by some of the podcasts I listen to.

The idea is to avoid the scenario that I ran into last year where I met the resistance of life – having to move, go to the dentist, going on vacation with no internet access – and still be able to meet my goals by building a buffer of articles.

In short, goal for 2016 is 104 blog posts published and a small buffer of posts set up for when I am unavailable. The first instance of this is end of January so I really have to get started.

In addition to writing about programming and game design, I will dabble slightly into mindset and productivity tips, much like I did in 2015.

Programming and Games

For this goal, I am actually lowering the number of games I plan to produce to 4 but planning on increasing the quality.

Each of the games last year was sort of blocky and ugly with thrown together graphics and no sound. This year I want to release 1 game per quarter and I want to be able to release them to the Google Play store for Android.

Education and Personal Improvement

Although continual personal improvement has always been my goal, I wanted to add a little direction to it and add it here because it should be relevant to the first two areas.

I plan to read through 6 books on game creation or game design and incorporate the ideas into my games. Keep in mind that books on game design that are not about video game design are still relevant.

On top of that, I plan on finding and reading at least 1 article or watching at least 1 video on programming and game development every week.


It doesn’t matter how good I write or how good my games are if nobody is reading my writing or playing my games. Therefore, I plan on getting at least 100 people to read my blog every month by the end of 2016.

Here We Go

Looking forward to next year and seeing how instead of falling short of my goals, I exceeded every single one of them.

Until next time.

I Want to Be a Better Developer