A Few Steps Further

One of the ways that I learn new technologies or programming languages is by getting an idea for a simple app that I want to write and then finding a tutorial on that makes a simple app and sort of following along with it but modifying it to be the app that I want to make. In the process, if there is something extra I want to add that is not in the tutorial I am following I will look up how to do that specific thing.

A few days ago, I wrote about the dangers of using experimental technology for things you plan on releasing to the wild. After I figured out a less than ideal workaround for my problem, I went a little further along in the Meteor/Angular2 tutorial and discovered that the solution to my problem was there.

The Solution (I Think)

On step 11 of the tutorial, they have you build the app to mobile. Android or iPhone, it doesn’t really matter. And this is where I was running into a blank white screen. Several of the next few steps did not apply to the app design, so I skipped ahead. On step 21, the tutorial has you split the logins for the browser version of the app and the mobile version of the app into separate packages.

A little bit of persistence paid off and now I have a way to get what I want working in my app. Remember when you run into an issue you can’t figure out, don’t just give up. Look around for the answer, try to figure it out. Don’t stop just a few steps from your goal.

Sprint at the Finish Line

My goal was to have this game built and released to the Google Play store by the last day of March which is tomorrow. Looks like this is going to join the ranks of most programming projects and go over time. After I release it I will do a post mortem and go over what I learned from the release process.

Don’t stop too soon.

I Want to Be a Better Developer