Consistency is Important

Whether it is writing or coding, the singular most important thing is to stay consistent. It is the way that large goals are reached and large projects are finished.

I recently read the Richest Man in Babylon which is about how to manage money effectively, but it had a line which really stuck out to me.

The narrator is giving an example of a man who has decided to throw a stone in the river everyday when he crosses a bridge. He says if the man for some reason forgets to put the stone in the river and remembers later that day, he does not say “I will put 2 stones in tomorrow”. Instead he goes back to the bridge and throws in the stone that day.

The point of the story is to save part of your income consistently, but it applies to any long term project.

A Schedule

This is not the first time I have heard or read (or wrote) about consistency and I did have a pseudo schedule before. However, I believe it is important for me to get back on a regular programming and writing schedule and stick to it no matter what.

So, starting the week before the new year I will be on a regular programming and writing schedule.

Side Note

Game #5 is almost “done” and I have learned a quite a few lessons from creating in Meteor JS. I will continue working on it for the rest of December and the next step is to see if I can get it to build into an Android app using the built in Cordova tools.

I discovered yesterday that a significant change has been made to the installation of the android build components of Meteor. You must now install the Android studio from Google separately, it is not automatically done when you run a ‘meteor add-platform android’. It does however direct you to the steps necessary to get all of the pieces in place.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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