February 2016 End of Month Goal Review

It is March already and that means it is time to review how I did on my goals last month.


  1. Write 3 Blog Posts Per Week And Publish 2 – Again publishing has been mostly on schedule. A couple of posts were a day late, but I have a queue of 1 ahead of schedule right now so, progress. Yeah!
  2. 1 Game Designed, Created, and Released Per Quarter – Much better idea of how it is going than I did a month ago. Game design, though poor, is done. Game creation got a lot of work done on it. I have been reading tutorials, watching tutorials, and searching error strings on Typescript and Angular 2. It is an experimental technology, but it is an experimental release. A good learning experience overall. Figuring out how to release it to the Google Play store is going to be interesting. Much more programming went on in February than January and still more will need to go on in March. It is surprisingly complicated for a simple game.
  3. 1 Book Read Every 2 Months On Game Design – Very slow going this month. As I ramped up working on my own game, reading about design and such fell off. Also, I spent a fair amount of my reading/learning time on personal development instead of game design as I attempt to become more consistent on getting things done.
  4. 1 Article Read Or 1 Video Watched About Game Design/Creation Per Week – You can read about most of it in this post that I wrote summarizing what I found and this post about Game Balance. It was not 1 a week. It was more like batched for the month in the first week or 2. I did get at least 1 per week done however. Now I just need to find some articles for March.
  5. Get 100 People Reading Evolving Developer Per Month – Absolutely nothing done with regards to this goal this month besides keeping the blog updated. This is an area that I need to study. I may even write a post about it this month and try an experiment or 2.

What Went Right

I was able to make a lot of progress on the code for Game #1 of 2016. Learned a lot about the new technologies of Typescript and Angular 2 and how they work. Learned a lot about game design. Got 2 post published every week and am 1 ahead of schedule even with a traveling weekend. Most importantly, I discovered some philosophical and mental ideas for how to be even more consistent and productive.

What Is Not Perfect Yet

At this point I should be play testing my game, not still building it. I still do not have a strategy or plan of any kind for getting people to read the blog.

Corrective Measures

Create a SMART (Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Timebound) goal list for the creation and release of Game #1 of 2016. Study how to attract a community of readers and how to create value for them. Perhaps even find a course.

March Marketing Madness Begins!

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