Game 2 of 2016 Design Notes

Its time to start on game #2. After the last few games experimenting with MeteorJS and writing games in Javascript, I figured it was time to get back to a dedicated game platform. As of yet I have not decided which but am thinking of going back to Monkey-X or diving into PhaserJS. Additionally, I have changed one of my goals for the year. I will not be releasing games to mobile. They will however still try to be mobile friendly designs but just released for the browser.

But enough of that, into the design.

The Game

For game #2 I am planning on using a mechanic that I have seen in several games, the most well known probably being Steam Birds although an almost identical mechanic was used in a game from the 90’s called Critical Mass. The player will have a unit (or units) that they give commands to that then move and act in short bursts of “real time.” Like a lot of games it will be combat based where your unit destroys others and tries to not get destroyed itself.


Destroy the most enemy units over a course of X number of turns. Deathmatch.


Each unit will have speed and turning radius that limits there movement each turn. They will also have some health or toughness that when it reaches zero, they are destroyed. After a set number of rounds, the player with the most enemies destroyed wins. Ideally this will be multiplayer.


Basic interaction is players score by destroying each other. May give units additional abilities or power ups to be able to interact with the opposing units.

Catch Up

This could either be a power up when destroying an enemy with more kills than you, or a bonus on respawn. Have not decided yet. We will play around with these ideas and see which one plays better.


Like many good turn based games, this one has a set number of turns. Once they have all been taken the game is over.


Random spawn locations and respawn locations. Random power ups perhaps. I was thinking of adding some sort of “cloud cover” where a unit could enter it and hide and nobody could see it and it could not see outside of the cloud. This would allow a player to change direction to get away but possibly make a bad choice and run into an opponent.


I think in order to add a necessary strategic layer, the units will need some sort of limited consumable weapon, shield, etc. that players can learn to use more effectively. Possibly manage an energy level for weapons and shields.


I am taking an idea that I and presumably several others already find fun, 2D dogfighting, and adding some new twists that I believe will prove to be fun as well.


With the energy idea, I am thinking space / sic-fi flavor. It fits pretty well and is one of my favorites. Maybe piloting drones in a space based tournament.


Sort of along the lines of taking something popular and adding other ideas into it. For me the hook is multiplayer version of steam birds. I think that would be pretty cool. Like 8-20 players battling it out, maybe even in teams. The turn based part of it might be a bit rough with that many players with each decision part of the turn needing a timer.

Final Thoughts

Looking forward to making a prototype of this game and start play testing. Learned a good bit the first 3 months working on game 1. Looking to learn even more in the 2 quarter of the year.

Keep growing and learning.

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