Ultimate Guide to Game Design Podcasts

Everybody can design games. However if you want to design good games, you should probably learn about it at least a little bit.

Podcasts are a great way to learn and can often be used while you are

  • Driving to work or school
  • Working out at the gym
  • Going for a run
  • Washing dishes
  • Using the bathroom
  • Possibly even at work (depends on your job)

And I am sure you can think of other times that you can fill with some learning through podcasts. I Hereby Give You the …..

The Ultimate Guide to Game Design Podcast

Game Devs Like You

This is an interview style podcast where the host, Chris DeLeon, finds game developers from industry veterans to a 12 year old making his first iPad game and Minecraft mods. Greats info that is both informative and encouraging.

The Game Dev Cast

There are actually 2 podcast series on this site. The Game Dev Cast that talks about game development, and Wait, What, Game Design? in which the panel on the show are going through the process of learning game design (not just video games) and they have been presenting a game design challenge at the end of each show that they discuss on the next show.

This site at the time of this writing is in “maintenance mode” but I believe it will be back in production mode soon. I have listened too it over the past couple months and have gotten some good ideas that have influenced my game design.

The Game Design Roundtable

Again not just focused on video games, but game design in general. Most of the shows are interviews with various people from the game development and design community. A few of them are discussions about the projects that the hosts of the show are working on.

One of the best episodes I have found so far is episode Episode #107: Cooperative Gaming with Amy Jo Kim

Lost Cast

Although I have not been able to listen to many of these episodes yet, this podcast has an excellent episode for how to get started making games.
101: Game Dev 101

Game Design Dojo

Only been able to listen to 1 episode of this podcast so far, but just that episode was worth listening too.
GDD 020 : Puzzle Design

Other Places to Look

I came across these podcasts from the following 3 methods:

  1. Searching Google for “Game Design Podcast”
  2. This post on Stack Exchange
  3. This post on Reddit

Bonus: Great Game Design Basics

I first heard this mentioned on the Game Dev Cast game design series. Mark Rosewater, head Magic:The Gathering designer for Wizards of the Coast, wrote an excellent article about the 10 Things Every Game Needs . He has an audio version on his Drive to Work podcast.

I have started using his checklist as I design my games and it is super valuable.

Read it, listen to it, take notes. This is the best breakdown of the essentials of good game design I have come across.