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The ONE Thing Book Review

I heard several people discussing a book called The ONE Thing with very positive things to say about it. It was recently available for free through one of the many benefits you get through Amazon Prime, called Prime Reading although it does not appear to be any longer, and I took the opportunity to read it. I am so very glad that I did.

The basic principle is simple. Have one thing that is your focus, your priority. Work on it everyday. This is the key to success.

It is all centered around asking something like this:
What is one thing I can do, that if I do it, would make everything else easier or unnecessary?

The author identified these 7 areas of your life to ask that question about. The order is important.

  1. Spiritual Life
  2. Physical Health
  3. Personal Life
  4. Key Relationships
  5. Job
  6. Business
  7. Finances

It is important that the answer to the question be both big and specific. If it is not big, it won’t change much and won’t actually make other things easier or unnecessary. If it is not specific, you won’t know what your next step is.

The process that is setup is to take this guiding question and look at five years in the future at where you want to be. Then ask what needs to be done in the next year to reach that goal. Ask the same question about six months, three months, one month, this week, and finish by asking what you need to do today.

Then do it.

Strong recommendation on reading this book and asking yourself this question. You may be surprised at your own answer.