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Starting Game #4 (with Video)

This post is a little late but I have actually gotten started on April’s game (the 22nd is not too late).

This is somewhat of a late start and it is not that I did not have an idea, I have several. It is a combination of 2 back to back weekends of travel, and wisdom tooth surgery after the second trip.

I hope to get a playable game done by the 30th.

The Reveal

This month the game is an infinite runner style with a zip line theme. Cleverly titled “Infinite Zip”.

I am actually attempting to video document the creation of this game as self introspection has proven that it is not likely that I will go back and review games that I have already made.

The link will be posted and the video might even be embedded in this post after Youtube uploads it. (who knew a 16 minute video would be almost a Gig?)

After over 45 minutes of upload time it is still processing and it is time for me to go to bed. Got to get up early and write some perl for a living.

When the video is done processing you can find it here.