Life Happens

This post inspired by The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

You can find a nice summary and notes on this book here

Watch out for Life

It brings Resistance.

Sometimes this Resistance is something shiny that distracts you from your original goal.

Sometimes it is a wall that stops you from progressing as easily as before.

And sometimes it is so many things that have to be done that you lose sight of what should be important.

Many times the Resistance is not in and of itself bad, and many times it is quite good to be doing. The problem comes when we let it break our slow steady march toward our higher goals.

The answer is good old fashioned self discipline and forming good habits.

Put the most important things first and don’t even do the unimportant things. Make sure that when you spend your time on something, it is worth spending time on because time is what you can never get back.

Life got me

I had a good streak of work and writing going from January until June, but then I moved and got really busy and have not recovered.

Occasionally I would work on my next game, or write something but not finish it. But I have not got back into the rhythm of consistently working towards my goals.

So it is time to readjust, rebuild the habits and start putting those goals at the forefront of my day with the top two goals being:
– Finish 1 Game a month.
– Write and publish 1 Blog post per week

More on games, game design, and programming next week.

I Want to Be a Better Developer