Looks like overtime for Game 4

As you may well be aware if you have been reading any of these posts, I and doing the #1GAM (1 Game A Month) challenge.

April has been a crazy month and it looks like I will not be able to finish the game by the 30th (but it might be close). Thankfully this challenge has no rules, only guidelines. And one of those guidelines is that you can take your game a few days into the next month to finish it.

More Video

I recorded another session programming. This one is about 3 times as long as the first and involves a lot more long periods where I am stuck trying to figure out typos, things that I forgot about the language, and reading something off screen to figure out my next step.

The main purpose of these videos is to give myself something to form a baseline to do a series of tutorials.

Right now, I have found a few important things to consider when doing a video.

You need a plan

Seriously, plan out exactly how far you want to get with each recording and exactly what you are going to do.

You need to edit

These videos are currently unedited for 2 reasons. First, I don’t currently have any video editing software set up, and second, they are for me to learn from so I don’t want to cut anything out.

Really though, if you are going to create a video course of any kind, editing will be crucial to make the videos as clear as possible.


Or at least get a good mike. I was using the default mike on my laptop and the sound quality is not great (except for when I click with the trackpad which comes through way too loud).

Clear speech will allow your viewer to better understand what is going on.

Less Video

For now, these first 2 videos will be it for game 4 as recording significantly slows down my progress.

I will attempt to finish up game 4 within the first week of May and then attempt to do a better job recording game 5 and managing my time so that it does not run into June.

Here is video 2

Warning: this one is about 45 min and the audio is terrible. Also I spend a few minutes too many remembering that sometimes methods need return types.

You can find video 2 here.

Keep getting better at what you do.

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