Evolving Resources

This is a list of resources I tend to rely on if I get stuck.

Game Design

10 Things Every Game Needs – the best breakdown of the essential parts of game design I have come across.

The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses – fantastic book on game design. Comprehensive guide to designing great games.

Game Programming

Monkey-X Programming Language – Monkey-X language documentation

Less Milk – another game creation blog with tutorials and examples using the PhaserJS framework

Ruby Programming

Level UP Rails – some fun and useful exercises for leveling up your rails skills

Sinatra RB – contains documentation and quick start guide for the Sinatra web framework

Make Art for Your Games

Make8BitArt – simple and easy tool for making 8 bit graphics for your game

General Programming

Stack Overflow – a question and answer site for all things programming related

Clean Code – a great book on writing better code

Some Free HTML5 Game Hosting Sites

How To Get Started Blogging

Dev Career Boost Email Blog Course